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About 4D University 4D University has 1 overarching goal: Graduation from 3rd Density and the attainment of 4th Density consciousness.

4D University is an online academy and platform that teaches and facilitates the expansion of human consciousness. A resource for anyone who wishes for this to be their final 3rd density lifetime, and who is ready for the 4th Density. It offers a curriculum of courses and training programs with the most advanced metaphysical teachings and spiritual practices in a simplified format which allows for maximum integration.

4D University Courses are comprehensive self-study classes on mind training, meditation, and advanced yoga practices for inner purification, kundalini activation, and cultivation of self-mastery.

Put simply, 4D University is the new paradigm for spiritual evolution.

Here’s what you’ll get
once you join:

Access to all of my courses, teachings and trainings
Be part of an online community of lightworkers and spiritual adepts who are fully committed to the path of spiritual ascension
Weekly Q&A deep
dive calls

Courses Inside the Membership


Master Your Mind

An eight-week course of intensive mind-training, aimed towards improving self-awareness and spiritual intelligence. Master Your Mind provides the framework for massive spiritual expansion and inner freedom by taking you through a deep and systematic teaching on the Ego’s thought system, equipping you with powerful tools and knowledge to transcend the limitations of 3rd Density consciousness.

Value: $2,700

Meditation Mastery

Do you feel stuck in your meditation practice? This eight-week course is designed to turn a beginning meditator into an advanced meditator, and allow you to fall in love with daily meditation. Meditation is the way to God UNION, inner freedom and 4th density consciousness. This course will take you through all the dimensions of meditation, access all 5 brainwave states and push you to go a little bit deeper than the day before. By the end of this program, you will wake up each morning with a joy and excitement to dive into your meditation practice.

Value: $3,500


4DAP (4TH Density Ascension Protocol)

4DAP is the culmination of the 4D University curriculum. After laying the necessary groundwork in "Master Your Mind" and "Meditation Mastery", this three-month training program takes you through the process of a Kundalini awakening. What we have classically known as “Kundalini” is really our 4th Density energy, lying dormant within the nervous system and awaiting activation.

Enlightenment is a condition that manifests naturally once the nervous system is properly prepared for it through great spiritual effort. Enlightenment is, in fact, a neurobiological transformation of the entire nervous system, from a 3rd density level to a 4th density level. 4DAP is a workable system of advanced yoga practices and integrated techniques designed to facilitate this inner transformation by safely and gradually raising the Kundalini Life Force up through the 7 energy centers. This course walks you through the activation process using many powerful ancient yoga practices, breathwork, meditation, and non-sitting practices.

Because this is an advanced course that requires much hands-on training, it is the final program in the 4D University Curriculum.

Value: $5,300

The Law of One Book Club

Book Club: Law of One is a 12-week reading program and masterclass guide through all 106 sessions of the Ra Material. It has the intention to help you navigate through the Law of One text, learn its principles, re-discover the Universe you are inside of and apply its invaluable wisdom into your daily spiritual practice. This is an elective course in 4D University that is especially suitable for those looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of Law of One teachings.

Value: $500


The Four Yogas

The Four Yogas is a 4-week mini-masterclass that takes you through the four pillars of yogic philosophy and practice. Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Jnana Yoga. These represent the four essential pathways back to Union with the Source through Meditation, Action, Devotion, and Knowledge. Each week includes one lecture video, a worksheet outlining simple practices of that Yogic system for the week, a guided meditation, a smartphone wallpaper background with the weekly mantra, and a Q&A video session. This masterclass aims to give you a short but thorough sampling of the philosophy and practice of each of these four powerful Yogas so that you can determine which one aligns with you the most.

Value: $1,300

...and many

Total Value: $13,300 $222/month

Get access to all of these courses and more when you become a student of 4D University.

What my course graduates
and clients say

The masterclass has helped me to be more centered, be at peace with myself, to know clearly what I want. And by that, I no longer fight what I don’t want and not fighting for what I don’t want has given me room to say “What do I want?”. The course has offerered me a checklist, step-by-step process that allowed me to see what I was emotionally struggling with and has given me real practices and steps to articulate what I was feeling inside.

-Damien Wilpitz

I like many others consider ourselves fortunate that we’re all graced by this amazing individual who has scaled the breath and depth of spiritual teachings. He has an uncanny ability to weave through several intense and deep spiritual texts like Law of One and ACIM and condense them into meaningful but simple concepts had made a deep impact on my personal journey.

-Nimesh Vakharia

I wasn’t even planning for this to be a gold mine but after I took the course, my income tripled. I took the course then 4 months later, my income tripled and it was completely because of the things that I let go within the course. I was less nervous on sales calls and before I knew it, my income has increased 3x.

-Jimmy Le


4D University is a month-to-month membership that takes you through a comprehensive curriculum of spiritual courses designed to facilitate consciousness expansion. All of the course content, community, and live weekly calls are accessed on the 4D University app and/or web platform. The 4DU course curriculum takes approximately 7 months to complete.

There are only two memberships: The Student Membership and the Alumni Membership.

The Student Membership is $222/month for 7 months. Upon completion of the course curriculum, you then become an “Alumni Member” and only pay $22/month to keep continued access to all the course content, community, and live weekly calls. For any questions about 4D University, email

Your continued ascension awaits. Click the button below to join.