Become The Creator Retreat

May 9th-12th 2024 | Austin, TX

Know Thyself

Love Thyself

Become The Creator

Are you ready to shatter the glass ceiling of victim consciousness and reach the unparalleled heights of Creator Consciousness?

Are you ready to dissolve the dense illusions of lack and separation once and for all?

Is spiritual evolution and self-mastery your magnificent obsession in this life?

Do you long to unlock the bliss of Heart-Based Consciousness and become a 4th Density Being?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then brace yourself for the transformative journey that awaits at Aaron Abke's "Become The Creator Retreat" – a dynamic and immersive 3-day experience of spiritual ascension into the 4th Density.

Aaron Abke

Hi, I’m Aaron Abke.

My mission is to awaken this planet to the awareness of our oneness and collective destiny, which is called "4th Density Consciousness".

This is Heart-Based Consciousness; the awareness of Love and Oneness as the highest truth of the Universe.

I teach my students how to integrate and embody this Truth in their very Being, rather than merely learning about it. I teach practices that purify the mind and nervous system to raise Kundalini energy and allow the student to ascend into the 4th Density of Consciousness.

My aim is to provide humanity with the tools, knowledge and practices needed to ascend our consciousness to the 4th Density Level.

My Teaching Focuses are:

Accessing Heart-Based Consciousness

Spiritual Balancing (Embodiment & Integration)

The Law of One

Kundalini Self-Awakening

A Course In Miracles

Mind-training and self-mastery

What is the Become The Creator Retreat?

This 3-day immersion is a step-by-step program aimed at distilling and teaching the most powerful spiritual practices for cultivating self-awareness, self-love, and Creator Consciousness.

Aaron's Become The Creator Retreat is designed to facilitate the following shifts in consciousness:

  • From Fear to Love: Coming out of fear-based thinking and into Love-based thinking.
  • From Separation to Unity: Moving from the thought system of separation to the thought system of Unity.
  • From Selfishness to Service: Transitioning from pleasure-seeking and chasing ego-driven outcomes to finding joy in being of service to others - becoming an extension of Love.
  • From Control to Flow:  Shifting from a need to control outcomes and resist change to embracing the flow of life, trusting in the universe, and accepting everything as an opportunity for growth.

Creator Consciousness is about embodying the essence of creation itself, recognizing that you are not separate from the creative force of the universe, but embody that very force through your own 'I AM' presence.

This retreat is designed to immerse you in practices and techniques that awaken your 'I AM' power and harness Creator Consciousness to become the true architect of your reality.

Let's dive deeper..

Each retreat day is uniquely themed according to the 3 Disciplines of The Personality, a concept drawn from the wisdom of The Law of One. This journey invites you to Know Thyself deeply, Accept Thyself fully, and step into your innate power to Become the Creator of your existence. 

Spiritual awakening

The 3 Day Agenda


Unlock deeper levels of Self-awareness

Know yourself to be the very I AM Principle itself

Embark on a profound journey to discover your true essence—the I AM presence within. This divine principle is the creative force that permeates all of existence, and Aaron’s Day 1 teachings are dedicated to exploring the I AM and cultivating greater levels of Self-awareness and Self-Knowledge. By recognizing and understanding our I AM presence, we awaken to our innate creative power and divinity.


Heal and release your blocks to self-love

Open and activate the Heart Chakra to a whole new frequency

Embracing self-acceptance is crucial to becoming the Creator. We must welcome all aspects of ourselves—light and shadow, strengths and weaknesses—with unconditional love and compassion. Through self-love, we dissolve the barriers that separate us from our creative potential, from love, and from our deeper purpose.


Understand how to use your 'I AM' power to create your reality

Learn how to purify your mind through the practice of spiritual balancing and re-qualifying

To become the creator is to recognize that we are co-creators of our reality. By learning how to direct our I AM power with intention and clarity and re-qualify our energy at any moment, we step into true Creator Consciousness. This requires a conscious shift from victimhood to empowerment, acknowledging that we hold the reins of our destiny.

What's included in the investment of myself?

Accommodation: Enjoy 3 nights of comfortable and serene lodging at the retreat venue, carefully selected to complement the immersive experience of Becoming The Creator.

Nourishing Meals: Receive 9 thoughtfully & healthy prepared meals throughout the retreat, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We will cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions to ensure you're well-nourished for all activities.

Exclusive Free “Become The Creator” Retreat T-Shirt: You'll receive an exclusive retreat T-shirt that can be the symbol of your growth journey, the deep connections formed, and the collective inspiration of the retreat.

Engaging Lectures: Participate in enlightening lectures led by Aaron Abke, offering deep dives into spiritual principles, practices, and the journey towards Creator Consciousness.

Community Connection: The retreat is a space where lifelong bonds are forged, offering support, friendship, and a sense of belonging in your spiritual journey that could last decades after the retreat.


Join us on May 9th - 12th, 2024


Austin, Texas at Hotel Viata | Nestled adjacent to Austin’s 227 acres of Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve, this retreat sanctuary is more than just a place to lay your head; it's a haven for the soul.

Address: 320 S Capital of Texas Hwy, West Lake Hills, TC 78746

Phone Number: 844.306.6400

When & Where

How do I Register?

Complete Your Registration: Secure your spot before the deadline on April 23rd, 2024. After completing your payment, keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation email. This email will guide you through the next steps, including preferences and accommodations, ensuring a seamless experience from registration to retreat.

Here's What Others Have To Say About Aaron’s Teachings

The classes are amazing! They are very detailed. In each course, you get to know the origin of ego, emotions, the real you. I can’t emphasize enough how much I feel more confident in controlling my emotions, who I really am in a way to get back to my real self. I feel blessed knowing through his teachings. I strongly recommend anyone to take the course if you want to start your spiritual journey and get to know the real you.

-Parvaneh Barron

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This 3-day intensive is a step-by-step program aimed at distilling and teaching the most powerful ascension practices for attaining 4th-density consciousness.

The last day to book is April 23rd!

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Ready to take the next step?

I invite you now to close your eyes and ask yourself.. "Is this retreat in alignment with my highest good?" Trust the answer that comes from within.

If you feel a pull, a curiosity, or even a resounding "yes," then I wholeheartedly invite you to join us!