Soulful Ascension
to 4th Density

Pierce through the surface level and reach new depths 
of your spiritual potential through 4D ascension.

Unity consciousness

The Ascension Journey

The reality of Self-actualization is that there is no destination. You are an infinite Being, full of infinite potential. You don’t need to find “the one right path”, because there’s no such thing. You need to find the path that best serves your current stage of evolution.

That is why I created 4D University, and now, the 4D Fellowship:

A free community packed with resources to aid you in transcending boundaries, unlocking hidden potentials, and connecting with kindred spirits from around the globe.

From spiritual balancing to chakra activation, kundalini awakening, and self-mastery, all of this is available to you in 4D Fellowship.

I warmly invite you to join me and 500+ spiritual aspirants like yourself who are ready to ascend and serve alongside you.

With Love, Aaron Abke

4D University Founder

Explore the resources below, uniquely designed to aid your 4th Density Ascension

The masterclass has helped me to be more centered, be at peace with myself, to know clearly what I want. And by that, I no longer fight what I don’t want and not fighting for what I don’t want has given me room to say “What do I want?”. The course has offerered me a checklist, step-by-step process that allowed me to see what I was emotionally struggling with and has given me real practices and steps to articulate what I was feeling inside.

-Damien Wilpitz

I like many others consider ourselves fortunate that we’re all graced by this amazing individual who has scaled the breath and depth of spiritual teachings. He has an uncanny ability to weave through several intense and deep spiritual texts like Law of One and ACIM and condense them into meaningful but simple concepts had made a deep impact on my personal journey.

-Nimesh Vakharia

I wasn’t even planning for this to be a gold mine but after I took the course, my income tripled. I took the course then 4 months later, my income tripled and it was completely because of the things that I let go within the course. I was less nervous on sales calls and before I knew it, my income has increased 3x.

-Jimmy Le

Kundalini Self-Awakened: Ascending to the 4th Density

Learn the path of self-facilitated Kundalini Awakening.

Get the FREE mini-course that has helped over 4,000 others begin their Kundalini Awakening

Online courses

This path is not for the new spiritualist…

Instead, this path is suited for the advanced aspirant who is ready to emerge into
a new dimension of spiritual evolution. Beyond the mundane and ordinary, into the
sublime and extraordinary.

The only question you must ask yourself to determine your readiness is,
“Does anything matter more to me than my spiritual evolution?”
If your answer is “No! Nothing matters more to me than this!” Then welcome to
my free mini-course: Kundalini Self-Awakened: Ascending to the 4th Density.

MODULE 1: The Significance Of Kundalini

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    Learn about the evolutionary significance of Kundalini, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic.

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    Understand the role each of our awakenings play in the planet’s evolution and collective human consciousness.

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    Understand the biology and metaphysics of a Kundalini Awakening. Realize that you are about to embark on a true neurobiological upgrade.

MODULE 2: Clarifying Your Intention

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    Preparing yourself before beginning this journey. Find your “why” - the most important ingredient in a successful Kundalini Awakening.

MODULE 3: What Is A Kundalini Awakening?

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    Answering the important question, “what actually is a Kundalini Awakening?”

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    Understand this phenomenon from three comprehensive perspectives.

MODULE 4: The Benefits And Dangers Of Kundalini Awakening

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    Learn the most important benefits that come with an Awakened Kundalini and going 4th Density.

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    Learn the most common potential dangers, downfalls, and challenges of this

MODULE 5: The Inner Conjunction & Ecstatic Conductivity

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    Understand the famous ‘lightning bolt’ event that is most confused with a Kundalini Awakening - as well as the most important biomarker and signpost of active Kundalini energy in the nervous system.

MODULE 6: 4th Density Ascension Protocol (4dap)

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    Learn my proprietary, step-by-step process for ascending to 4th Density Consciousness by awakening your own Kundalini energy. A well-proven blueprint for Kundalini Awakening which anyone who desires this transformation can utilize.

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    Learn our official rating system in 4D University for gauging and self-pacing your own Kundalini Awakening.

MODULE 7: Foundational Practices Tutorial

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    Learn and practice some of our foundational 4DAP practices, in real time with Aaron’s step-by-step instruction and demonstration.

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    Get into your nervous system and begin activating Kundalini with these powerful advanced yoga practices.

MODULE 8: Thank You And A Message From Aaron

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    You’ve cracked open the door to your Kundalini Awakening. So, what are your next steps? A final thank you message from Aaron.

The Kundalini Cleanse Purify Your Energy, Awaken Your Chakra Network

Fully cleanse each chakra and clear your energetic pathway to 4th-density living


Unveiling the Potential Within – Your Transformation Awaits

Every individual holds an innate power: a vibrant energy source called Kundalini.

Yet, just as a river cannot flow freely through a dam, your Kundalini energy may be inhibited by the burdens of our modern world. We live in a society that is riddled with toxicity. Toxic drugs are readily available and prescribed by the millions and our technologies emit disrupting EMF’s all around us.

Our food, water supply, the air we breathe, the products we use on our skin and even the very soil where our produce is grown; our environment has been heavily polluted with toxins and chemicals. A body full of chemical toxicity, endocrine disrupting microplastics, heavy metals and EMF’s is much more difficult to take through a Kundalini Ascension process than a clean, healthy body.

The good news is, health and healing is always available if we are willing to be in relationship with it. This Kundalini Cleanse is your opportunity to clear out the toxic debris in your body and fully open your nervous system and subtle energy pathways.

The Kundalini Cleanse is a FREE energetic reset for your body and spirit.
It includes:

🍃 7-Day Tailored Detox

  • A dedicated journey, each day is meticulously planned to purify and awaken specific chakras. By the week's end, you'll feel a profound shift in your energy.

🍹 Specialized Juices for Each Chakra

  • Crafted with intention, each juice blend targets a specific chakra. These nourishing concoctions support detoxification while amplifying the energy flow.

📝 Bonuses to Maximize Effects:

  • From the ‘Liver Bomb’ to the ‘Green Coffee Enema’, binders and additional potent elements that you can mix in, proper intermittent fasting windows, and more, you’ll customize your cleanse down to the last detail so that it fully supports you in the best way possible.

Remember I AM: The Four Yogas

Achieve the I AM State Through Four Unique Paths

Kundalini awakening
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Are you ready to enter the I AM?

Imagine looking through the Hubble Telescope

Peering into the infinite cosmos, you see a fiery comet blaze across the backdrop of space.
You witness ice water clinging to asteroids. You see the earth element in absolute planetary stillness, unshakeable and rock-like. You see the invisible solar winds dancing across the ether.

These are the four elements which represent the four paths of Yoga. But there is a fifth element, called “Ether” or space. This represents the I AM principle.

All encompassing, filling everything, everywhere. The God Self. Realizing this is God Union – your original and truest absolute nature. Do you believe it? If you need help in realizing this divine truth, you are in luck. This is why the ancient masters of India invented the Four Yogas.

These four yogas correlate to the four elements:
🪨 Raja Yoga - Earth
🌊 Karma Yoga - Water
🔥 Bhakti Yoga - Fire
🌪️ Jnana Yoga - Air

In this dynamic four week mini course, you will explore each of these four yogic paths,
And discover which one of them is the most effective and helpful path for you.

Through the Four Yogas, you’ll…

  • Become attuned to the silent yet powerful Sadhguru within, guiding you with unwavering certainty.

  • Witness a transformation where you no longer merely exist, but truly live — connected, aligned, and in union with the Universe.

  • Experience a real shift in consciousness, where barriers dissolve and the I AM principle expands, touching the very essence of existence.


Here is a quick breakdown of each module:

The Four Yogas

🪨 Raja (Earth) Yoga Rise to Self-Mastery Through Inner Silence

Raja means "King", symbolic of achieving self-mastery.

This path guides you through the art of meditation, leading you into the profound silence of your Being.

By consistently practicing inner stillness, you'll peel away layers of the “personal I”, revealing the universal I AM within.

🌊 Karma (Water) Yoga Flow with Purpose, Embody Selflessness

Karma Yoga teaches the sacred practice of action and non-attachment.

By serving others and aligning with pure intent, you detach from ego, seeing yourself not as the doer but as an instrument of the Divine.

This yoga will cultivate Self-awareness, empowering you to break free from the chains of personal doership.

🔥 Bhakti (Fire) Yoga Ignite the Flame of Divine Love

Immerse yourself in the fiery passion of Bhakti Yoga, where every beat of your heart echoes with love and devotion.

This path encourages total surrender to the Divine will, guiding you toward becoming the embodiment of pure love.

Learn how to live from Divine Love at all times through the powerful practice of Devotion (Bhakti).

🌪️ Jnana (Air) Yoga Soar to Higher Realms with True Knowledge

Jnana Yoga, the Yoga of Knowledge, invites you to discern the real from the unreal.

Following the intellectual and contemplative path, you'll learn to question, reflect, and ultimately realize the Supreme Self.

Guided by practices like “Self Inquiry”, championed by Sri Ramana Maharshi, you'll investigate the essence of the "I", the irrevocable Self you truly are.

Fully integrate this work

Now I’m not going to leave you high and dry with informational videos alone. Of course, there will be deep-dive educational videos into each Yoga, accompanied by a dedicated practice so that you can stir that element throughout your week and a guided meditation to immerse you in your practice and awareness each day.

Plus, each lesson has a worksheet and Q&A call so that you can more deeply integrate all the work we’re doing. Not to mention that each lesson has a unique phone wallpaper so that every time you whip that out to do a bit of scrolling, you’ll always gift yourself the reminder to be with your practice.

Lastly, you’ll be immersed in a community of other spirit seekers on the same path as you, because community is one of the most important pillars of our growth. So if your soul is beckoning you to walk the path of The Four Yogas, I wholeheartedly invite you to join us and find your Union with the I AM.

Spiritual awakening

4D University

4DU is a path for those looking to move from seeking to actualizing. A path to assist the devoted aspirant in breaking through their plateaus and going to the next level. 4DU is by no means intended to be the “one best path” for all. In fact, it is decidedly not for everyone. 4DU was not created to serve those who are not inspired to do spiritual work, nor was it even created for those who have just begun their spiritual awakening.

4DU is specifically designed for passionate spiritual aspirants who are all in. If you are tired of settling for spiritual monotony, if you are ready to enter light speed, if you are hungry to reach new heights of spiritual activation,

4D University was created for you.

The 4DU curriculum is designed to help you navigate through the
greatest challenges and sticking points in the ascension process.