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You may now embrace the transformative power of service to others by donating to 4D University. As an online academy dedicated to consciousness expansion, 4D University provides all of the tools, teachings, practices, and community support needed to aid maximum spiritual ascension in the shortest time possible. However, there are many who do not have the financial capability of joining 4DU at this time. By donating to 4D University, you are allowing the Universe to use you as a means of manifesting those resources for others. Your donation here is an act of service, as 100% of donations go to funding student scholarships.

If you feel called to do so, you can use this avenue to be of service to others by donating to 4D University today. Additionally, you can read more information below about the upcoming projects and overarching vision of 4DU to expand our mission further around the world.

Core Values

Service to Others

At 4D University, we wholeheartedly embrace service as the cornerstone of our existence. Our commitment goes beyond sharing knowledge; it's about touching lives, igniting transformations, and being a guiding light on the path of spiritual ascension. We believe in the power of unity, fostering a global community dedicated to uplifting one another and our planet.

Standard of Excellence

Excellence is the tapestry that we weave into every facet of 4D University. With every course, every interaction, and every endeavor, we commit to crafting an experience that exudes devotion and dedication. By aiming for excellence, we honor the sacred wisdom we share and pay homage to the Creator through our meticulous attention to detail and continuous pursuit of improvement.


Integrity is the heartbeat of 4D University. We recognize that embodying the Truth is the foundation of our teachings. We walk our talk, authentically living the principles we share with our students. We hold ourselves accountable, ensuring that our actions mirror the profound teachings we offer, creating a harmonious alignment between what we believe, what we say, and what we do.

Radical Honesty

Radical honesty is our guiding principle for authentic connection and growth. We value transparent communication, viewing mistakes as stepping stones to deeper understanding. We embrace vulnerability, fostering an environment where admitting errors is not a sign of weakness, but a testament to our commitment to evolving together as a united team.

Unity Through Community

Unity is our strength, and community is our vessel. At 4D University, we thrive through interconnectedness, celebrating the diversity of our global family. We cultivate an inclusive space where shared wisdom, mutual support, and collaborative growth are celebrated. Through a spirit of harmony and cooperation, we amplify each individual's journey, collectively ascending toward a higher consciousness.

Be "All In"

Being "All In" at 4D University is an unwavering commitment to aligning personal aspirations with our collective purpose. We encourage every team member to unearth their intrinsic motivation, to awaken each day driven by a profound 'why'. As torchbearers of our mission, we channel our passion into action, realizing that when we contribute our individual strengths, we collectively illuminate the path toward spiritual evolution.

The Future of
4D University

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One of our central goals is to create a physical facility as a center of learning, study, spiritual practice, and weekly Satsang fellowship. A significant portion of the revenue generated through 4DU memberships is reserved to save up for this project. It will be called the "4D Fellowship Center". When you donate to 4D University, you are joining us in this vision and helping us move one step forward to co-creating this vision.

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Would you like to help someone else become a student of 4D University? If you believe in the power and Impact of this work, you can now donate scholarship funds to help others who need assistance in paying for their student tuition. 100% of donations go toward student membership scholarships.

Raising vibration

Donations will be allocated towards community initiatives that support spiritual growth and well-being. By supporting community initiatives, donors contribute to the creation of an expansive and nurturing environment where individuals can engage in meaningful discussions, receive guidance, and find encouragement on their spiritual journey through organized events, workshops, and online gatherings.

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We are dedicated to expanding the reach and impact of 4D University. This includes investing in marketing campaigns, online advertising, and community outreach programs to raise awareness about the transformative offerings of 4D University. By expanding our audience base, donors help bring these powerful consciousness expansion teachings to a wider audience.

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Our Mission

The mission of 4D University is to provide a global, online academy for the expansion of consciousness. To assist all those who desire to graduate from 3rd Density consciousness (separation) and into 4th Density consciousness (Unity). To assist humanity in making this great evolutionary leap into the next level of consciousness, classically referred to as enlightenment.

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