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Top 3 Topics Aaron Speaks On

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    The 3 Beliefs of Ego
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    The Law of One
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    Spiritual Intelligence

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Meet Aaron

Aaron Abke is a paradigm-shifting spiritual teacher that delivers a fresh, new perspective on Self-Realization through his teachings on the Law of One, Non-Duality, and Spiritual Intelligence. Aaron aims to provide humanity with the tools, knowledge, and practices needed to aid our collective ascension to Enlightenment, or "4th Density Consciousness". His passion and purpose is to awaken this planet to the awareness of our oneness and collective destiny as an Enlightened civilization.

What my course graduates
and clients say

The masterclass has helped me to be more centered, be at peace with myself, to know clearly what I want. And by that, I no longer fight what I don’t want and not fighting for what I don’t want has given me room to say “What do I want?”. The course has offerered me a checklist, step-by-step process that allowed me to see what I was emotionally struggling with and has given me real practices and steps to articulate what I was feeling inside.

-Damien Wilpitz

I like many others consider ourselves fortunate that we’re all graced by this amazing individual who has scaled the breath and depth of spiritual teachings. He has an uncanny ability to weave through several intense and deep spiritual texts like Law of One and ACIM and condense them into meaningful but simple concepts had made a deep impact on my personal journey.

-Nimesh Vakharia

I wasn’t even planning for this to be a gold mine but after I took the course, my income tripled. I took the course then 4 months later, my income tripled and it was completely because of the things that I let go within the course. I was less nervous on sales calls and before I knew it, my income has increased 3x.

-Jimmy Le