Aaron Abke

Here’s my story


I was raised as an evangelical pastor’s kid.

Growing up, all I wanted to do was be a pastor like my dad, take over the ministry when he retire, and follow in his footsteps. None of it was out of a need to impress anyone — it was always out of a true inner passion to know God, truth, and to be Christlike. Because of that, I wasn’t the typical rebellious pastor's kid, but an extremely devout Christian. My faith in Christ meant everything to me.

2012 I became a pastor at 22.

I went to Oral Roberts University and got a Degree in Music and Theology. After that, I took my first job as a pastor as I prepared to follow in my father's footsteps and pursue a career in ministry.

Spiritual Ascension
Spiritual Community

2013 I quit my job and left my religion.

At 23, I got married to my wife, who was also a devout Christian.

After just a few months into my job as a pastor, I began having a huge identity crisis with my religion. My church growing up emphasized the best aspects of Christianity — God's love, forgiveness, and devotion. The church I worked at, however, was extremely fundamentalist. All of the sermons were about how the whole world is going to hell and the rapture could come at any moment. I couldn’t resonate with these dogmatic beliefs anymore and was forced to decide what I truly believed about God.

I ended up leaving my religion at 23, essentially blowing my life up, losing all friendships and most family relationships, and moved back to Oklahoma to begin my quest for true spirituality, where I dove heavily into Eastern traditions, primarily Hinduism and Buddhism.

2016 I restarted my life and became a fitness model.

After I left my religion and lost every friend I had, I ended up leaving my wife because we were no longer on the same spiritual path. So I packed up my car, drove back home to California and moved in with my parents and started my life over.

Without my faith, there was a hole in my heart that demanded to be filled with something. Fitness became that thing — my magnificent obsession. Soon after, I began working as a personal trainer at Google in Mountain View, a signed fitness model in San Francisco with JE Model Management, and competing at the national level in Men’s Physique Bodybuilding, winning first place in all of my shows. Despite appearing to “have it all” from a worldly perspective, I felt more depressed and unfulfilled than ever.

Spiritual development

2017 I had a profound spiritual awakening.

It was a normal day like any other, and I was listening to Eckhart Tolle on my lunch break as I usually did; but suddenly, reality dawned upon me. I saw everything perfectly clear. All of my sufferings was on behalf of an imaginary person that did not exist. I was pure consciousness only. A ray of sunlight coming from the sun. The awareness of reality as perfect oneness seemed as obvious as the blue sky.

For two weeks, I felt nothing but sublime bliss and was in a kind of Buddha state. I could not think or refer to myself at all. I sometimes call it “the experience of no-self”. It was like becoming lucid in a dream, the awakening to pure bliss consciousness.

I woke up 2 weeks to the day and had a thought pass through my mind, “Wow, I have been in this state for 2 whole weeks. I wonder if I’m enlightened now”.

This was the first egoic thought I had in two weeks, but I didn’t catch it. And before I knew it, my ego came back online with a fiery vengeance. I was seemingly cast out of the heaven world I was living in, and I felt it slipping through my fingers more each day as the ego came back into the captain’s chair of my mind. I felt as though I had lost the pearl of great price. I was given a free sample of enlightenment and I went and ruined it. As a result of this experience, I fell into a vicious cycle of shame and depression.

I was thrown into my “dark night of the soul”.

Although “losing enlightenment” felt like unbearable pain, it also came with an enormous gift. There was no longer a cell in my body that could doubt it ever again. I had tasted that resplendent state for 2 full weeks. There was now an absolute conviction within me that Enlightenment is absolutely real and available. There were no excuses left. Nothing else in my life was remotely interesting to me anymore. Nothing but the all-consuming desire to return to that state once again. I vowed to myself that if I could “reverse-engineer” myself back into that state of consciousness again, I would devote my life to teaching it to the world.

From that point, I completely walked out of my former life. I quit my modeling career, I quit bodybuilding, and devoted my whole life to spiritual seeking and practice.

2019 My YouTube channel blew up, marking the beginning of my career.

A few of my friends had started pestering me to “start a YouTube channel” because my posts on Facebook about spiritual matters drew a lot of interest. I ignored this request the first many times but eventually felt that I needed a creative outlet to express my passion with. So I started making YouTube videos in July of 2018, and after about 6 months (to my great surprise) a few of my videos went viral.

I had been obsessively studying a text called “The Law of One” that began to change my life. To my surprise, there was virtually no content on the internet about this extraordinary text. I decided to take matters into my own hands and started teaching about it. Again to my surprise, my followers went nuts over this material. I never imagined myself being a public speaker or had any interest in being a “YouTuber”. Nevertheless, people seemed to resonate profoundly with my content, and so that is exactly what life had in my path.

Six to eight months later, I decided to take a leap of faith and go all in, even though I wasn’t making any income from YouTube yet. I decided to trust the calling God was placing on me. I quit personal training, moved to Colorado and devoted my life to being a spiritual teacher, and began coaching and eventually making courses.

Higher consciousness
Law of One

2021 I had a Kundalini awakening.

After a decade of devoted spiritual seeking and a few years of Kriya Yoga practice, I began experiencing very strange physical and psychological symptoms that I could not explain.

Burning sensations all throughout my nervous system. Incredibly vivid dreams that would often predict my future. Intense heart chakra openings that felt like being on MDMA for days at a time. Constant energy releases from the crown of my head, and many others. As my daily yoga practice grew more intense, these symptoms increased, until one night I awoke to what I can only describe as a dragon breathing fire up my spine. It pierced through all of my chakras and out the crown of my head. The experience cannot be adequately explained in words, but suffice to say, my life was radically altered forever, once again.

This began my obsession with understanding this neurobiological process, what causes it to happen and how to facilitate it. Now, Kundalini Awakening is one of the main focus areas of my teachings in 4D University.

My mission.

I am here to show the world that enlightenment is absolutely available to anyone who wants it. That freedom from suffering is not some lofty and unattainable goal but is in fact, your destiny. My mission in this life is to assist humanity in our spiritual evolution to the next level of consciousness - The 4th Density.